I can't tell you how much my sessions with Esmée helped!

I didn’t realize how deeply I was stuck in the old familiar comfort zone of feeling I was “not good enough” to pursue my dreams.

Now, thanks to her I feel like I’ve hit the restart button, and am ready to plunge into my excellence and finally write my book. Working with Esmée is such a great reminder of all of the amazing gifts I have learned and that I forgot to use! 

Elaine D - School Teacher

"The kind of understanding I felt about myself was completely new to me."

I have never been in such a deep meditative space. I felt in control and accepting of myself even though were doing something very foreign to me. What a privilege to have Esmée in my life!!!

The hypnotic suggestion Esmée created for me is incredible. I have already incorporated it into my purpose statement for my life. It gives me the courage to go beyond what my tired brain wants to do so that I can be fully engaged in this life I have!

Julia R - Interior Designer

"I now accept myself in a way I haven't in a long time."

I wanted to pursue my dreams fearlessly, and nothing was working.

I'm now able to sustain that positive momentum on my own, and am finally starting to get out of the woods with a new sense of freedom and renewed ownership of my thoughts and ambitions. 

I now feel more supported and courageous than I have in a long time. I highly recommend Esmée to anyone who wants the mental freedom to pursue their dreams.

Kuldeep S - Business Owner, Fitness Trainer

"Esmée helped me get out of my shell."

She helped me understand the worth I bring to a relationship. I would recommend her to anyone that is introverted and is looking for ways to open up.

Alan D - Software Program Manager

"The change was clear, real, and super fast."

Miss Sunshine, thank you for a beautiful transformative session. I was struggling to let go of a relationship that was beyond repair. I didn’t know that I could relax that deeply and let go of so much so fast. The change was clear, real, and super fast. It is truly amazing to work with you!

Alexsandra M - Tantra Instructor

"The sessions with Esmée were IMMENSELY powerful for me."

I had been procrastinating about making critical decisions in both my personal and business life. After working with Esmée, I felt like I had taken the ‘limitless, unstoppable’ drug. She helped me hit empowering notes that I continue to resonate well beyond our sessions. I am so much happier now.

Esmée is a gifted and BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!

Ralph M - Software Programmer

"I went from being camera-shy to being invited to lecture at numerous online events!"

I was feeling quite anxious about a major upcoming online speaking engagement at an international conference. The closer the date loomed, the worse it got. All I could think about was; “What if I freeze!?”

Working with Esmée empowered me to speak much more fluidly, relax the tension in my jaw, and improve my speaking pace. I felt calmer and more confident during my lecture than I ever expected. The best part was that afterward; I received applause and compliments from all around the world!"

Marie B - Author, Jewelry Dealer

"Clearing out fear of failure hypnosis made a HUGE difference for me.”

I was working on a major project for my business that brought up such fear of failure that I felt stuck. Esmée, I didn’t realize how much yesterday’s session affected me at a subconscious level until I compared how much easier working on my new opt-in funnel was yesterday versus today. After our hypnosis session I worked on my funnel for 6 hours and it seemed easy. I was in the flow!

Thank you so much for all you are doing to give people a healthy mindset. You are amazing! ❤️

Shana A - Marketing Business Owner

“I gained confidence, clarity, and peace of mind about my desired path.”

I wanted to gain peace of mind and self-confidence to move forward and stay committed toward a life-changing goal.

I gave myself permission, which Esmée so naturally reinforced, to go all-in. The results I experienced can be encapsulated by saying that I now feel completely clear and confident in my conviction about what I know I want to do.

Julian B - Brand+Mindset Coach

"I wanted to stop smoking for once and for all!!"

I had never tried to quit other than trying to use my own willpower. Esmée was great! I went over to my chain-smoking neighbors again last night and am so happy that I didn't even want to smoke.

Now I find myself more focused during the day, calmer, and generally happier. The surprising side-effect is that I’d been experiencing insomnia for the last month and now, I sleep like a dream at night!

I feel confident that I will succeed in changing more of my life through hypnotherapy :-)

Kathryn G - Glass Artist

"The love and understanding I felt working with Esmée enabled me to heal."

My goal was to heal from the trauma of growing up with years of emotional and physical abuse. I wanted to feel good.

I tried everything from psychiatry to self-medication. Hypnotherapy with Esmée empowered me to finally let go of the anger and resentment I held inside. I now have a deep sense of calm and acceptance of things I previously grappled with.

Darrel B - Investor

"I am now ready to dive into my new career with absolute certainty."

Esmée is a fantastic hypnotherapist. I wanted to make a significant career change but felt inner conflict about losing the relationships I’d developed at work. It was holding me back from answering my true calling - coaching people to lead a happier, fulfilled life through Buddhist philosophy.

My stress level on a scale of 1-10 went from a seven down to a zero. I now have the bliss and mental clarity I was seeking; my body feels nearly weightless and I have a never-ending smile!  Wonderfully sincere work she is doing, I honor that.

Jordan L - Men's Life Coach

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