Discover Your Soul's Journey

Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives

An incredibly powerful journey... Experience unprecedented clarity and discover your soul's unique purpose.

"I could have never imagined what this work would uncover and illuminate. I received profound insights that had never occurred to me in my entire being." - Julia P.

Have you ever wondered...

"Why am I here and what is my purpose?"

You're not alone. Your life's path has brought you to this present moment, and there is so much more of your magnificence beneath the surface to discover.
Additional soul-searching questions my clients ask during this remarkable process:

✔︎ Why am I always struggling with the same relationship problems?

✔︎ Why do I have a recurring unexplainable pain or ailment?

✔︎ What is blocking me from the success I want?

✔︎ Why am I overweight?

✔︎ Why am I afraid of...?

✔︎ Am I on the right career path? I've always wanted to be a....

✔︎ I often second-guess my decisions, how can I trust my intuition more?

✔︎ I'm always putting myself last. How can I speak my truth and say "no" instead of "yes"?

✔︎ What's been holding me back from finding inner peace and feeling happy?

✔︎ Am I in the right relationship?

✔︎ I feel I'm not good enough; how do I love myself more and find my power?

✔︎ I feel overwhelmed, distracted, and unsure of myself - how can I focus clearly and be confident?

✔︎ Why did my family member or friend suffer so much in their life?

✔︎ Why was my childhood so unhappy?

✔︎ Who was I in a past life and how does that affect my current life?

What are you curious about?

How Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives Hypnosis Can Help You

These sessions are extremely powerful because they always show you what you most need in order to heal. Whatever you experience is always for your highest and greatest good and always so you experience the greatest amount of healing and transcendence. 
Are you on the edge of something more...? 
Then prepare for an incredible journey to explore the meaning of your life. Delve into what actually transpires at life's end. Tap into the knowledge your Eternal Soul has gathered - the knowledge that was forgotten once you were born. 

I'll guide you expertly through this inward soul journey to:

  • Explore the meaning of your life.
  • Reveal the lessons you are meant to learn in this life.
  • Recognize and uncover your unique talents and gifts.

How it works:

  • Private, in-home: Sessions are done on your computer, smartphone, or tablet using ZOOM.
  • Sessions length: Up to 4 hours.
  • Schedule now: These sessions fill up fast.
  • Each session: is as unique as your own spiritual fingerprint. It is never guaranteed that you will experience a past life regression or soul journey.

Your Next Steps:

  • Click the link below to get started today.
  • Pay for your Session.
  • Immediately schedule your Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives session at a time and date convenient for you using our online calendar.
SCHEDULE MY SESSION: $500/ up-to 4-hours

Meet Your Hypnotherapist

Esmée St James is a Certified Hypnotherapist, published author, and renowned relationship expert. Esmée has worked with countless clients, creating personalized hypnosis sessions for each individual to quickly step closer to the life they desire. 

Whether you're facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge or reaching for an audacious goal, Esmée St James would be happy to consult with you about your path forward.

"Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives hypnosis is one of my favorites because of the profound healing and clarity it can catalyze." 


I received profound insights that had never occurred to me in my entire being.

I am astounded at what came out of this. I am semi-retired and curious about my next calling. And I'm looking to understand better and heal my relationship with my grown daughter.

I could have never imagined what this work would uncover and illuminate. You have shed so much light on the story, the picture that is my life and my journey.

You caught far-flung pieces of my life’s puzzle and fit them into place--there were so many "aha!" moments. Your insightful and meaningful guidance flowed, went deep, and covered so much ground. Your ability to hold so much and find the connections and their meanings was amazing. I'm truly grateful to you.

Julia P -- Business Owner

I can't tell you how much my session with Esmée helped! 

I didn’t realize how deeply I was stuck in the old familiar comfort zone of feeling I was “not good enough” to pursue my dreams.

Now, thanks to her I feel like I’ve hit the restart button, and am ready to plunge into my excellence and finally write my book. Working with Esmée is such a great reminder of all of the amazing gifts I have learned and that I forgot to use! 

Elaine D - School Teacher

Since working with Esmée, I accept myself in a way I haven't in a long time.

I wanted to pursue my dreams fearlessly, and nothing was working.

I'm now able to sustain that positive momentum on my own, and am finally starting to get out of the woods with a new sense of freedom and renewed ownership of my thoughts and ambitions. 

I now feel more supported and courageous than I have in a long time. I highly recommend Esmée to anyone who wants the mental freedom to pursue their dreams.

Kuldeep S - Certified Fitness Trainer

Review the FAQs Below

If you have additional questions we are here for you!

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✔︎ How do I prepare for my session? 

  • Find a quiet, private place, and tell others you'll be unavailable for up to four hours. 
  • Make yourself comfortable by reclining or lying down on a couch, bed or favorite chair with neck support. 
  • Wear headphones so that I may hear you clearly, and for your added privacy.
  • Put your phone and nearby devices on "Do Not Disturb" mode, as well as "Silence Notifications" mode. 
  • Make sure your device is fully charged so we stay connected. 


✔︎ How long is a session, and what is the scheduling protocol?

  • Each session is up to four hours.
  • Right after you pay for your session, you'll be guided to fill out a brief form, then to the scheduling page, where you'll schedule your appointment.


✔︎ What if I need to reschedule?

It's super easy to reschedule a session via our scheduling app. Forty-eight hours' notice is required due to the nature of the session.   


✔︎ What happens during the session? 

During the first 25-30 minutes, I'll  ask you some questions, listen to you, and explain the process. It's perfectly alright if, like some of my clients you're new to hypnosis.

After that, I'll guide you into a profoundly tranquil state of mind. Once in this relaxed mode, I'll keep you engaged through interactive components such as meaningful questions, quided imagery and personalized hypnotic suggestions. We will flow into a journey that is uniquely yours.


✔︎ Will I reveal something I don't want to? Is hypnosis mind control?

Great questions! A common misconception about the hypnotic state is that like in the movies or with stage hypnosis (which is purely for entertainment) you'll finish with an embarrassing, fuzzy memory of what happened. This couldn't be further from the truth. Your hypnotherapist cannot make you say or do things that are against your morals.

During hypnosis, you rise to a higher level of consciousness in a naturally occurring state. Hypnosis is more about bringing you into closer alignment with your personal autonomy than it is about making you lose your mind. You can expect to remain conscious and in control of what you share at all times. 


✔︎ Do online sessions really work?

Absolutely! The beauty of online sessions is that you can enter a deeply relaxed hypnotic state even more readily in the comfort of your own home than you might at the office, and you save travel time. While COVID-19 safety protocol made online sessions more commonplace, I'm pleased to say that I've successfully been working online with clients internationally for over three years. 


✔︎ Will I be asleep during hypnosis? 

You won’t be asleep; hypnosis and sleep are distinctly different. During deep sleep, you become unresponsive to suggestions from the external environment. But during hypnosis, you'll feel deeply relaxed—and maybe even "dreamy"— you can expect to remain fully alert and aware. We'll even be having a conversation while you're under hypnosis!

We all enter into hypnotic states every day - think of it as being absorbed by a good movie. The movie has your complete attention, and you're responding emotionally to it, yet if the doorbell rings, you get up and answer it.


✔︎ Do I need to be good at meditating for hypnosis to work? 

Not at all! You don't need to be "good" at anything. If you struggle with monkey mind or meditation, relax: a skilled hypnotherapist can guide you into a state of deep relaxation regardless of your previous experience level. Thus, you don't need to be a trained yogi or a practiced meditator to experience the benefits of hypnosis. What is required is an open mind and an honest willingness to change. 


✔︎ Is hypnosis harmful? 

The hypnotic state happens naturally throughout the day for all of us. Have you ever found yourself absorbed in a good book or a pleasant task and wondered where the time went? It's like that! The American Medical Association has recognized hypnosis since 1958.  

An intentional session with a professional hypnotherapist will only bring you into a more expansive state of greater health.  


✔︎ Is there a refund policy? 

All private hypnotherapy session sales are final. Each session is as unique as your own spiritual fingerprint. It is never guaranteed that you will experience a past life regression or soul journey.