Private Hypnotherapy Session: Policies & Procedures


As a client, you are responsible for adhering to all the following policies and procedures; please take a few minutes to review them.

Session Procedure: The client will call their hypnotherapist at the time of their session with the conference call number or app link provided. The hypnotherapist will not call the client.

Session Length: 

  • Monthly billed hypnotherapy sessions are 60 minutes long, depending on the monthly program purchased.
  • Single hypnotherapy sessions are 90 minutes in length.
  • Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives sessions are up to 4 hours long.

Late Policy: If a client is more than 10 minutes late, the session is forfeited. The hypnotherapist cannot provide you with everything you need in a session shorter than the allotted time. We have a strict adherence to this policy.

Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy: All cancellations/rescheduling of Subscriptions and Single sessions must occur at least 24 hours before the session.

Cancellations/rescheduling of Past Life + Life Between Lives session must occur at least 48 hours before the session.

Any cancellations/rescheduling within less than the respective required time frame results in forfeiting the session.

No-Show Policy:  All no-show sessions are forfeited.

Session Recordings: While we record all sessions for quality control, recordings of the client's sessions are not included. However, the client is welcome to record the session. We do not recommend that all sessions be listened to after completion. Please check with your hypnotherapist whether a particular session would be beneficial to listen to again. If you want a custom recording made by your hypnotherapist about a specific topic that will have studio sound quality and be custom just for you, you may order one for $200. 

Recommended Length of Time Between Package Sessions: We strongly recommend that clients schedule their sessions bought via a package no later than one week apart. Weekly sessions allow for a compounding effect within your subconscious mind.

Expiration Date for A La Carte Private Single Sessions: An a-la-carte session expires 30 days from the purchase date.

Expiration Date for Past Life Regression + Life Between Lives Sessions: Expires 60 days from the purchase date.

Expiration Date for Private Session Subscriptions: For Private Sessions subscriptions, during each month of billing, you may schedule and have four sessions, which do not roll over into the next month.

Canceling Your Subscription: Clients may cancel their subscription online at any time. Canceling their subscription at any time during their current billing period will cancel auto-pay for their next billing period. If a client purchases a subscription on June 5th and decides to cancel it on June 25th, their auto-billing for July 5th will be canceled. Sessions cannot be prorated. By purchasing one month of subscription, clients may schedule 4 sessions scheduled during the month, ideally weekly.

All private session sales are final: By agreeing to this document, you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to all Esmée St James Consultancy policies and procedures for private hypnotherapy sessions.

User Behavior Policy: Esmée St James Consultancy does not tolerate any requests or activity deemed sexual or inappropriate. Users reported for inappropriate behavior will be immediately removed from the service and banned from future use and future hypnotherapy. In the event of inappropriate behavior during a hypnotherapy session, the session will end early, the user will be charged the total amount, and the user will not be refunded any payments previously made to Esmée St James Consultancy.

 Esmée St James Consultancy © 2023 Acknowledgement and Release of Liability Risks and Benefits of Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis / Hypno Coaching: Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis / Hypno Coaching is a process in which we discuss a wide variety of issues, events, experiences, and memories to create positive change so you can experience life and relationships more fully. It provides you an opportunity to better and more deeply understand yourself and any problems or difficulties you may be experiencing. Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis / Hypno Coaching is a joint effort between you and your Hypnotherapist / Hypnotist / Hypno Coach. Progress and success may vary depending upon the particular problems or issues being addressed and many other factors.

Participating in Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis / Hypno Coaching may result in many benefits, including, but not limited to, reduced stress and anxiety, a decrease in negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors, improved interpersonal relationships, increased comfort in social, work, and family settings, increased capacity for intimacy with others, and increased self-confidence. Such benefits may also require substantial effort on your part, including active participation in the therapeutic process, honesty, and a willingness to change feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. There is no guarantee that Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis / Hypno Coaching will yield any or all of the above benefits.

Participating in Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis / Hypno Coaching may also involve some discomfort, including remembering and discussing unpleasant events, feelings, and experiences. The process may evoke strong feelings of sadness, anger, fear, etc. Sometimes, your perceptions and assumptions will be challenged, and different perspectives will be offered. The issues presented by you may result in unintended outcomes, including changes in your personal relationships. You should be aware that any decision on the status of a personal relationship is your responsibility.

During the therapeutic process, some clients feel worse before they feel better; this is perfectly normal. Personal growth and change may, at times, be straightforward and swift but may also be slow and frustrating. You should address any concerns regarding your Hypnotherapy /Hypnosis / Hypnosis / Hypno Coaching progress with your Hypnotherapist/ Hypnotist / Hypno Coach.

Acknowledgment and Release of Liability: By checking the "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this page as follows" box in the payment process, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and fully understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You have discussed such terms and conditions with your Hypnotherapist / Hypnotist / Hypno Coach and have answered any questions concerning its terms and conditions to your satisfaction. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions and consent to participate in Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis / Hypno Coaching with your Hypnotherapist / Hypnotist / Hypno Coach.