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Past Life + Life Between Lives Hypnosis Session

Are you on the edge of something more...? Then prepare for an incredible journey to explore the meaning of your life. Delve into what actually transpires at life's end. Tap into the knowledge your Eternal Soul has gathered - the knowledge that was forgotten once you were born. 

During Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives Hypnosis sessions, my clients are able to access a true sense of their life's purpose as well as unprecedented clarity.

While everyone's experience is different, you will receive exactly what you need for the greatest amount of healing and transcendence at this time in your life.

What you'll get:

  • A personally focused transformational Past Life + Life Between Lives one-on-one (up to) four-hour session. 

Become the master of your destiny!

What People Are Saying:

I am astounded at what came out of this. I received profound insights that had never occurred to me in my entire being. I could have never imagined what this work would uncover and illuminate. You have shed so much light on the story, the picture that is my life and my journey.

Julia P

I am now ready to dive into my new career with absolute certainty. My inner conflict was holding me back from answering my true calling - coaching people to lead a happier, fulfilled life through Buddhist philosophy.

Jordan L

The kind of understanding I felt about myself was completely new to me. I have never been in such a deep meditative space. I felt in control and accepting of myself even though we were doing something very foreign to me. What a privilege to have Esmée in my life!!!

Julia R