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Read below what my clients say about the results and changes they experienced from working with me.  I look forward to being YOUR Dating Muse™

Fritz A

Fritz A. Sr. VP Marketing

5 Stars for sure! I hesitated at first but Esmée made me comfortable to take the plunge: concise and comprehensive analysis, targeted shopping aided by impeccable taste, plus tips and tricks all together resulting in subtle yet impactful changes. Getting noticed and feeling more confident are some of the side effects of this no prescription required treatment. Highly recommended!

Ben L

Ben L. CEO

I wanted to attract two things, my dream girl and to expand my business with more high end clientele. In short, I knew I’d need to look like a 50M CEO. That meant a complete wardrobe, dating profile and home overhaul.

Esmée made it happen so smoothly for me, I never knew I could look this good! Since working with her my business has grown 75% and my dream girl… is sitting right here with me.

Thank you for your outstanding work, Esmée. You are a first class experience and got me exactly what I was looking for!

Sean M

Sean M. Attorney

I was overwhelmed about resuming dating after a long marriage. I knew I’d need a dating profile and I’m very camera shy. I didn’t have to worry. From our first meeting, Esmée put me at ease.  

On shooting day, she chose photogenic clothing from my closet. The entire process boosted my confidence hugely, and the photos she took were fantastic. I would recommend Esmée to anyone without reservation!

Grant A

Grant A. Photographer

I cannot speak too highly of Esmée’s skills and attitude! Totally uplifting and game changing. For any man (including myself) wanting elegance, sophistication and a positive attitude to move forward, this is it. Her focused intelligence showed me how become the best I can be in making a good impression overall.

To be inspired by this woman is a joy and life changing. Totally uplifting and game changing. Esmée knocks it out of the park! She has gotten me immediate results with women and business too. I feel great and highly recommend her service. Chin up guys, working with Esmée will rock your world!

Mark M

Sr. Tech Recuriter

I had the pleasure to work with Esmée….or more appropriately to have Esmée work with me. I was a bit apprehensive to make changes in my look, dating profile and dating skills, she took the time to get to know me. As pleased as I am with the results and her suggestions, the entire process was fantastic.  She’s very insightful, passionate and devoted to bring out the best in people.

Most of all she’s skilled at identifying strengths to build on and working on those areas that need improvement.  I’ve gotten numerous compliments all based on the changes that Esmée suggested.  With the new look and compliments comes a new sense of confidence…all due to her suggestions. The entire process of working with Esmée was fantastic, I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.

Ron S


Big thumbs up! I particularly like working with Esmée because she understands who I am and helped create a well-received profile which greatly boosted my confidence with women.

Esmée does a great job of assessing your current appearance and in making outstanding recommendations on how to improve it. Top to bottom – from hair and skin to fashion she knows it all, has great taste and is really fun to work with.

Thanks to Esmée I’ve received many compliments and am experiencing a significant increase in response from women. I highly recommend working with her!

John W


I was trying to figure out if the woman I was dating was a good match for me. Sometimes it’s hard to see things the way they really are when you are deep into a relationship.

Esmée you are like having the smart sister I never had, so easy to work with. You make the process very easy, have a handle on what I am looking for and what I need. You are like having a dating pair of binoculars that is unbiased. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to refer you, Esmée, working with you is outstanding!

Frankie E

Law Enforcement Officer

I wanted some clarity on pursuing a potential love interest. I really enjoyed how Esmée is so outgoing, friendly, and has such a positive personality! It made it easier for me to open up and chat with her on the phone.

Esmée got me out of my shell and helped me identify the positives about myself! She shared amazing insights on how to better communicate and attract more compatible women.

I would definitely recommend The Dating Muse, Esmée St James to anyone who is serious and seeking advice on meeting women! First step is to step out of your shell and be open minded on the valuable advice and insight that she has to offer. Thanks Esmée!

Peter G


Rarely do you find someone who can combine appropriate style and class to meet both personal and individual needs. Esmée took time to meet with me and to understand who I am.

She is personal, honest and accomplished the individualized goals that I was looking for, I couldn’t be happier.

Travis L

Sr. Sales Engineer

The difference is like night and day! I was getting few responses when contacting women I was interested in online dating sites. Since having Esmée make my dating profile over, not only do I now have plenty of dates with quality women, the resulting ego boost has really increased my confidence level overall.

Max D

Software Engineer

My main objective was to become more educated in the art of understanding unspoken signals like body language and reading between the lines, and more importantly to hone my skills for approaching women and breaking the ice in a natural, nonthreatening fashion.

What I immediately observed and loved about Esmée was that I felt very comfortable speaking with her. She is very knowledgeable, patient, and explores the real meanings behind what one is asking before sharing her feedback.

Esmée really understood me. I was apprehensive, she made the process enjoyable, She educated me about body language, how women think and what to say to them!

Larry K


The dating scene had changed immensely when my relationship ended. Esmée quickly got me back in the game, I like working with her because is so so nonjudgmental and easy to easy to talk to. She taught me how to dress better, look better and what to say to get a date.

Now that I feel more confident I find it much easier to approach and talk to beautiful, sexy women and get dates. I would recommend Esmée in a heartbeat!

Brendan G


Esmée really knows her stuff. She tells it like it is – very straightforward, what one needs to hear, in a nonjudgmental, supportive way. She fine-tuned my online profile, took great pictures of me, prepped me for my next Big Date – what to wear, do’s and don’ts – practical stuff that I needed to remember and new ideas I hadn’t thought about. She looked me over like my date will, mentioning things I wouldn’t notice.

She covered everything – first contact, what to talk about, what NOT to talk about, how to focus on what you want. She “debriefed” me after, and helped me see what worked – and tips to make the next date even better. Now I’m ready for more!

Talking me through getting back into the dating scene with realistic advice from a woman’s perspective was invaluable! She is a very savvy, warm, wonderful person and makes it a fun adventure. You will feel GREAT with Esmée and with your results. Highly recommended.

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