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Uncategorized Jun 14, 2016


LAST WEEK A TOTAL STRANGER DECIDED TO APPROACH ME on the street and within seconds, had me charmed. There was nothing extraordinary about this man, at first blush he seemed quite ordinary. He was about 5’6” or so because I remember that day I was wearing heels and was towering over him.

But there was something special about him…

I had just walked out of a gift shop. It was one of those days when it’s threatening to rain, but not really. You know, when it’s quiet out, there is no one around and you kind of get lost in your thoughts.

As  I walked down the street I noticed a man about to approach me. The first thing he did was look me in the eye, a little longer than a casual glance. Then he gave me a big smile and said “Lisa! What  are you doing here… wait, you’re not Lisa. You look exactly like a woman I went to college with, she’s a really good friend of mine. I was wondering what you were doing here but, obviously… you’re not Lisa.”

“My God… in this light your eyes look amazing, wow.”

“Oh, I’m sorry my name is Ozell. Some friends of mine said I should come to this town and check it out, I work at Google. They said this was a nice place to go and meet people. Hey, you know what… I was just about to head for a coffee, would you like to join me?”

Well, I almost said yes and then remembered, “oh, wait… I’m in relationship!

I realized that Ozell was trying to pick me up and probably used this line on many of the women that was attracted to. But you know what, he was so charming and confident, without being cocky. He gave me such a genuine smile that I really didn’t mind. He was so engaging.

What I admire about Ozell is that he had the courage to step outside his comfort zone and approach me. 

If you’re more of a reserved kind of guy, I get it. Trust me, I totally get it. I used to be so shy and reserved around guys, I couldn’t even talk to them. Then I decided to really challenge myself and play outside the box. It worked!

Always keep in mind that even if you start small you’ll get there, take the little baby steps.

Let’s break apart Ozell’s approach. The first thing he did was look me squarely in the eye, then he gave me that big ole’ smile. I’m going to invite you to try that. In fact, don’t try it, just do it!

Next time you go walking down the street and see a woman, make eye contact with her and then give her a smile. She doesn’t have to be attractive to you, it doesn’t matter. This is just practice.

Just look her in the eyes and smile as you approach her.

Don’t attach yourself to the outcome, it doesn’t matter whether she smiles back or not, who cares! You’re just practicing on her. Smile, then just keep on walking.

Remember, start small because if you don’t start somewhere… You will get nowhere. Have a little courage and step outside your comfort zone.

If you would like some help from a woman’s perspective with talking to women and knowing what to say, I invite you to Email me to schedule for a complimentary 15 minute consultation. I would love to connect with you. I promise I’ll be gentle:-)

Thank you for tuning in, talk to you soon!

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