Seduce her with Scent in your Kitchen

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2016

THE COGNAC SOAKED SCENT of Coq au Vin wafting from your stovetop are going to your head when all of a sudden, your culinary trance is interrupted by is a knock at the door. She’s here, it’s her first date at your place and you’ve brazenly offered to whip up something delicious for her to lure her over to your lair.

So far so good, you’ve done your due diligence by asking her what she likes to eat, what she likes to drink, you’ve even tuned in to her musical preferences. Being the clever sleuth that you are, you’ve taken the time to listen attentively to her responses and have even made mental notes on any additional clues she’s dropped about what delights her. You’re sure you haven’t missed a thing.

The aroma of your daring culinary efforts and attention to detail will definitely not go unnoticed, women are very sensually stimulated and… hold on there, pardner, put down the toys! I’m simply talking about the moment your date crosses your threshold for the first time, she will have her guard up and whatever scent hits her olfactory glands first will tell her volumes. It’s natural instinct for a woman to be on the lookout for anything suspicious or potentially threatening. Much like a cat cautiously sniffing everything  when she enters a new house,  your date will be looking for reasons to bolt as she enters unfamiliar territory. It’s your job to help her feel safe, protected and secure. Your  Coq au Vin will do much to alleviate her “doorstep doubts” but there’s more to consider.

A woman’s olfactory glands are generally much more sensitive than a man’s.

Like a fine French perfume “nose” or seasoned sommelier, her nose will detect the slightest nuances and can reveal volumes about you.

The portion of women’s brains that is devoted to scent detection is larger than that of men’s.

One theory is that women require a greater sense of smell for selecting a suitable mate. In other words, men can mate with many women and have children with each of them and have many offspring in a given time period. In contrast, women can only have one baby in a nine month time period so it makes sense for them to be more selective about their mate. Male scent may confer key data like testosterone levels (which can be desirable), and information about genetic compatibility or lack thereof via major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes. (1)

While you may not be able to tell what your friends have been munching on, I know a gal or two who can easily detect when you’ve lunched on filet mignon before seeing her. One of my own dates was quite bewildered when I correctly guessed the label and year of chardonnay he’d been sipping earlier at a business lunch.

Our sense of smell has been proven to create the strongest sense memory, indelibly cementing a moment in time with a particular scent and emotion.

Think of how you feel, besides hungry when you get a whiff of someone’s BBQ or campfire in passing. Puts you in another moment, doesn’t it?  The object is to have your lady anchor your scent with a romantic, ‘scentsual’ experience.

You know that old saying “I smell trouble”? Well, besides the scent of a homemade meal you know she’ll love, here are three tips to avoid setting off one of her most powerful “trouble detectors”, her nose:

  • Survey says that women prefer a recently showered man – clean is sexy. A bit of cologne is appealing, a light, fresh scent that will make her want to lean in closer for a sniff of your warm neck rather than back off for some fresh air. No doubt you’ve been bowled over at one point or another by a passerby’s perfume so obnoxiously foul that it could knock a buzzard off a garbage truck. Same thing but multiply that tenfold for her.
  • The same goes for your breath. Meaning avoid not just the obvious –  onions, garlic, salami, smoking, etc, that day and the day before (it’s shocking – the afterlife of the aforementioned items). On the day of (prior to her arrival) also avoid beer, red wine, sugary foods, sodas strong cheeses and other pungent foods. Your breath should have her thinking, “hmm… I wonder if he’s a good kisser”, not “excuse me, I think I forgot something on my stove!” (I’ve actually done that). To a woman, bad breath is the death knell as far as smooching goes.
  • Drinking plenty of water, about eight glasses a day will help flush toxins that can cause halitosis. Choose water over juices and flavored drinks to help meet the quota and keep your breath fresh. Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages don’t count, sorry, they’ll dehydrate you, negating all that water you just chugged. Even Diet Colas can cause your breath to be very uninviting. Breath mints can temporarily mask things when in doubt, but don’t leave them in view. Women notice the details. They remember them.

Take heart, the attention to detail you’ve demonstrated by creating a succulent, fragrant meal for her first date at your place will definitely not go unnoticed. She will appreciate all your hard work more than you know. If you want her leaning in close behind to get a peek at your skillet it’s equally important that you put the same effort into making sure you smell as delicious and tempting as your dinner. Who knows… your whipped cream, fresh berries and chocolate drizzle may end up somewhere entirely different than the intended dessert plates 🙂

By using the tidbits offered in this and my other posts to your advantage you’ll easily step into being the confident, irresistible gentleman you are. Oh, I think there’s someone at the door, sniff, sniff…

Esmée St James – The Dating Muse For Smart, Serious Men


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