Seducing her with Strategic Housekeeping

Uncategorized May 19, 2016

AS YOU SHOW YOUR DATE INTO your kitchen, with every intention of seducing her, watch her eyes. She’s looking everywhere, isn’t she? So much going on in that pretty head… Every little thing she notices about your home is making an impression on her, a lasting first impression that may make or break your chance of seducing her.

Remember how my previous post stated women are looking for reasons not to like you in the initial stages of dating? This is where your attention to detail preceding her arrival comes in handy, making your love interest feel safe and comfortable will help her relax and stir romantic desires in her. Don’t be afraid to let your inner decorator and housekeeper come out to play, they can be your best friend. (We’ll let that be our dirty little secret.)

Equally important as looking and smelling studly yourself is the scent and appearance of your home. The following pointers are sure to help turn your place into the swingin’ bachelor pad that’ll have her begging for more:

Tip 1  Barring a blizzard, air your place out thoroughly for at least an hour before your date arrives. Especially if you have pets. You may not notice how stale air can sink into the furniture but she will. She will detect your gym bag and dirty laundry three rooms away. Don’t take a chance on this one, especially in the bedroom! More on that in a future article.

Tip 2  Light a few aromatic candles about half an hour early, just a few, she may not be into voodoo… yet. Stick with a comforting warm vanilla/nutty or cinnamon scent for now. Works wonders.

Tip 3  One indispensable word here – Clean! And I mean every room she could potentially enter on the eve of your date. The sight of clutter and junk laying around will have her forever unavailable to you. A tidy home tells her you look after yourself and therefore care about and can look after her as a function of your life and habits. If hunting for dust bunnies and spider webs are not your specialty, hire someone to do the dirty work for you. You’ll be glad you did when you see her eyes sparkle. It is worth every penny.

Tip 4  How about seducing her with your mind? Keep some strategically placed books out on subjects you’re passionate about, e.g. cooking, sailing, astronomy. Make them ‘touchable’ by having something graceful or soft next to them,, e.g. a soft blanket. A lived in look is desirable, books are great conversation starters and will offer her insight on the depth and diversity of your character. Tuck your porn collection away until further notice. She doesn’t want to feel part of a fantasy but someone unique and potentially treasured.

Tip 5  Get fresh cut flowers, they’re always a big hit. Colorful supermarket flowers will do just fine, stick ‘em in a handsome vase where they are clearly visible for the evening. An especially nice touch is flowers in the bathroom, a ‘must’ is a fresh hand towel laid out for her.

Tip 6  Speaking of bathrooms, you knew this one was coming… did I mention – Clean! This room can be a deal breaker in so many unsuspecting ways. Toilet seat and lid must be down (for the rest of your relationship life), spotless and fresh smelling in every corner is paramount. She will probably peek in your medicine cabinet so straighten it up, tuck toenail fungus creams, viagra and hemorrhoid ointments out of sight. Hell yeah, I ALWAYS look, it tells me everything I need to know.

This may sound like a lot of work – focus on your intention of seducing her, she’s worth it as are you. Keeping your eyes on the prize (and not her breasts) will keep her coming back for more.

Esmée St James –The Dating Muse for Smart, Serious Men

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