Dating: A Look Through A Stunning Single Mom's Eyes

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2016

If you’re divorced and dating the chances are high… Whether you’re a single dad or just plain old single man over 40, you’re likely to meet plenty of single moms also looking for love. You’l also soon discover that things have changed since those younger, carefree days of spontaneous free love and spur of the moment weekends away.

Dating at this point in your life is a whole new ball game since many working single women now have kids to consider. As you may have also. It can make your head spin because not only are these women more savvy and well put together, they’re much more on the alert for warning flags. They know exactly what they want and what they don’t want.

But fear not, I’m going to give you some highly useful tips on how to handle yourself, and her on your dates.

My guest today, Jorel Mee has been a successful hair color artist for over 20 years. She’s a very intelligent, busy single mom and she’s looking for love. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also stunning and has a lovely personality. A triple threat! I interviewed Jorel for you because she tells it like it is. Hang on… you’re about to find out what successful single moms really want from their dates!

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In this Episode You’ll Learn…

  • How to wow her
  • If your income is important to your date
  • What the 5 biggest turnoffs are for her
  • When and how it is ok to touch her
  • What your manners reveal about your personality

Tune in and ENJOY!!new-note

Esmée St James – The Dating Muse For Smart, Serious Men


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