Rejection: How to Really Deal With It

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2017

ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES MEN FACE when asking women out on dates is rejection. Fear of rejection is the one thing that can really crush a man’s self-confidence and immobilize his momentum. It’s akin to feeling like he doesn’t belong. Surprisingly it’s not just limited to men who may be shy or introverted.

How many men have you met who have very successful careers and social lives and yet, suffer from the very same ego-destroying negative self talk? Luckily it’s completely possible to turn the corner and take your foot off the brakes to your love life. Find out in this podcast what it takes to wake up one day and change the course of your life.

My guest today, Francis Piché is founder and host of The Resilience Element Show. His love for connecting with people fueled his meteoric rise to top sales performer at multiple international corporations, including Xerox. Francis refuses to believe that making massive money and having huge happiness must exist in opposition. He has embarked on a journey to discover the key element to sustained and sustainable satisfaction in life. His answer? The Resilience Element.

Francis speaks from the heart about his personal experience with defeating rejection. In this podcast Francis shares an exercise on how to get more dates in a surprisingly fun way!

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In this episode on rejection you’ll learn how to…

•  Use The Resilience Element to attract women

•  Get past your negative self-talk

•  Build confidence authentically

•  Fail faster and fail forward to get you through your resistance

•  Get an even better version of “yourself” back after rejection

Tune in and ENJOY!!





Esmée St James – The Dating Muse For Smart, Serious Men

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