Does Plastic Surgery Make Men more Dateable?

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2016

THE PRESSURE TO LOOK YOUNGER is no longer limited to women. It is becoming less of a social stigma for men to have a little nip and tuck or perhaps some Botox and fillers to appear more youthful. Of course, plastic surgery is not for everyone. However, the competition in both the dating scene and the job market can be quite stiff. For many reasons, successful women are more attracted to younger looking men and they now have the choice.

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For today’s show I interviewed award winning Dr. Rich Castellano, of the most experienced board certified facial plastic surgeons in the U.S. I chose Dr. Castellano, AKA “The Smile Dr.” for you because his specialty is facial rejuvenation in both men and women. As developer of ImageLift®, a specialized plastic surgery approach with very effective results, he has helped over 10,000 patients look their best, youthful self.

In this Episode about Plastic Surgery for men You’ll Learn…

  • What cosmetic procedures are most effective for men 40+
  • How plastic surgery affects a man’s confidence level
  • How it can make a man look more masculine
  • How you know it’s right for you
  • What’s the most cost effective way to look younger

Resources: The Smile Prescription




Esmée St James – The Dating Muse For Smart, Serious Men

Connect with Dr. Rich:

FB: ImageLift

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