What You Can Do to Feel More Confident Right Now! (Podcast)

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2019

THE WAY YOU ENTER A ROOM reveals more than you may realize. Before you even say one word, it tells others how you feel about yourself. Others then unconsciously make instant decisions about you which could ultimately change your life.

This episode is for you if you want to:

  • Get the date
  • Get the job
  • Make new friends
  • Make a better impression when doing a presentation

My guest today is an expert in posture correction, cranial adjusting, and joint regeneration. He has done chiropractic focused charity work in Guatemala, Mexico, and the Middle East. His name is Dr. Adam Fields of Fields Family Chiropractic

You'll be fascinated by the science that Dr. Fields shares about this subject and how it affects us physiologically. I interviewed him for you because he's positively impacted the success and health of so many, including yours truly!

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The Importance of Grooming

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2017

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Rejection: How to Really Deal With It

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2017

ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES MEN FACE when asking women out on dates is rejection. Fear of rejection is the one thing that can really crush a man’s self-confidence and immobilize his momentum. It’s akin to feeling like he doesn’t belong. Surprisingly it’s not just limited to men who may be shy or introverted.

How many men have you met who have very successful careers and social lives and yet, suffer from the very same ego-destroying negative self talk? Luckily it’s completely possible to turn the corner and take your foot off the brakes to your love life. Find out in this podcast what it takes to wake up one day and change the course of your life.

My guest today, Francis Piché is founder and host of The Resilience Element Show. His love for connecting with people fueled his meteoric rise to top sales performer at multiple international corporations, including Xerox. Francis refuses to believe that making...

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Dating: A Look Through A Stunning Single Mom's Eyes

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2016

If you’re divorced and dating the chances are high… Whether you’re a single dad or just plain old single man over 40, you’re likely to meet plenty of single moms also looking for love. You’l also soon discover that things have changed since those younger, carefree days of spontaneous free love and spur of the moment weekends away.

Dating at this point in your life is a whole new ball game since many working single women now have kids to consider. As you may have also. It can make your head spin because not only are these women more savvy and well put together, they’re much more on the alert for warning flags. They know exactly what they want and what they don’t want.

But fear not, I’m going to give you some highly useful tips on how to handle yourself, and her on your dates.

My guest today, Jorel Mee has been a successful hair color artist for over 20 years. She’s a very intelligent, busy single mom and she’s looking for...

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Style: How to Use It to Attract Women

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2016

A MAN’S PERSONAL STYLE TELLS women so much more than whether he’s a sharp dresser or not. The first impression you make on her is always made the moment she first sees you. That impression of you tells your story. Like it or not, it can maker of break your chances of getting a date with her.

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My guest today is a sociologist, writer, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Sociology of Style, an image and life coaching company. I interviewed her for you because I wanted to get her point of view on how men can maximize their style to attract to attract women. Her name is Anna Akbari, PhD, and she’s a former professor at New York University and Parsons School of Design. She’s partner in HVCK, a Silicon Valley innovation consultancy. She’s also a frequent public speaker at conferences and for corporations. Anna’s written for...

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Does Plastic Surgery Make Men more Dateable?

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2016

THE PRESSURE TO LOOK YOUNGER is no longer limited to women. It is becoming less of a social stigma for men to have a little nip and tuck or perhaps some Botox and fillers to appear more youthful. Of course, plastic surgery is not for everyone. However, the competition in both the dating scene and the job market can be quite stiff. For many reasons, successful women are more attracted to younger looking men and they now have the choice.

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For today’s show I interviewed award winning Dr. Rich Castellano, of the most experienced board certified facial plastic surgeons in the U.S. I chose Dr. Castellano, AKA “The Smile Dr.” for you because his specialty is facial rejuvenation in both men and women. As developer of ImageLift®, a specialized plastic surgery approach with very effective results, he has helped over 10,000 patients look their best, youthful self.


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Friend Zone: Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2016

THERE’S AN OCEAN OF NICE GUYS OUT THERE wondering why they are stuck in the dreaded Friend Zone. They may have myriad female friends but not one of them will get romantic with him. Why? It’s not that they are unattractive or undateable, it goes much deeper than that.

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My guest today is the founder of The Authentic Man program. He is an award winning public speaker, and a certified No More Mr. Nice Guy coach. His name is David Mitchell and I interviewed him for you because the Nice Guy Syndrome can be a huge obstacle in attracting romantic relationships. For the past 20 years, David has been helping men overcome approach anxiety and attract the women they want.

In this Episode of “Friend Zone: Why Nice Guys Finish Last” You’ll Learn…

  • What the Nice Guy Syndrome is
  • Why Nice Guys...
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Seduce her with Scent in your Kitchen

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2016

THE COGNAC SOAKED SCENT of Coq au Vin wafting from your stovetop are going to your head when all of a sudden, your culinary trance is interrupted by is a knock at the door. She’s here, it’s her first date at your place and you’ve brazenly offered to whip up something delicious for her to lure her over to your lair.

So far so good, you’ve done your due diligence by asking her what she likes to eat, what she likes to drink, you’ve even tuned in to her musical preferences. Being the clever sleuth that you are, you’ve taken the time to listen attentively to her responses and have even made mental notes on any additional clues she’s dropped about what delights her. You’re sure you haven’t missed a thing.

The aroma of your daring culinary efforts and attention to detail will definitely not go unnoticed, women are very sensually stimulated and… hold on there, pardner, put down the toys! I’m...

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Tips on How to Approach Women

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2016


LAST WEEK A TOTAL STRANGER DECIDED TO APPROACH ME on the street and within seconds, had me charmed. There was nothing extraordinary about this man, at first blush he seemed quite ordinary. He was about 5’6” or so because I remember that day I was wearing heels and was towering over him.

But there was something special about him…

I had just walked out of a gift shop. It was one of those days when it’s threatening to rain, but not really. You know, when it’s quiet out, there is no one around and you kind of get lost in your thoughts.

As  I walked down the street I noticed a man about to approach me. The first thing he did was look me in the eye, a little longer than a casual glance. Then he gave me a big smile and said “Lisa! What  are you doing here… wait, you’re not Lisa. You look exactly like a woman I went to college with, she’s a really good friend of mine. I was wondering what you were doing...

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Seducing her with Strategic Housekeeping

Uncategorized May 19, 2016

AS YOU SHOW YOUR DATE INTO your kitchen, with every intention of seducing her, watch her eyes. She’s looking everywhere, isn’t she? So much going on in that pretty head… Every little thing she notices about your home is making an impression on her, a lasting first impression that may make or break your chance of seducing her.

Remember how my previous post stated women are looking for reasons not to like you in the initial stages of dating? This is where your attention to detail preceding her arrival comes in handy, making your love interest feel safe and comfortable will help her relax and stir romantic desires in her. Don’t be afraid to let your inner decorator and housekeeper come out to play, they can be your best friend. (We’ll let that be our dirty little secret.)

Equally important as looking and smelling studly yourself is the scent and appearance of your home. The following pointers are sure to help turn your...

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