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I guide my clients to break up with their fears and become the master of their destiny.

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Hi! I’m Esmée St James, Your Certified Hypnotherapist.

Did you know: Through the proven and relaxing process of hypnosis, you can upgrade your mental blueprint from the comfort of your cozy couch, bed, or favorite chair.
By rewiring your subconscious, hypnosis frees you from constraining beliefs,  fears, and hidden emotional baggage - priming you for a positive outcome. 
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Private Hypnotherapy Services

Three paths to explore:

Monthly Package

Maximize your transformation by fully addressing your challenges with weekly sessions for more profound healing.  

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Single Sessions

The perfect touch-up if you've already experienced hypnosis, or as an introduction to hypnosis and its many benefits.

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Past Life Regression + Life Between Lives

An incredibly powerful journey... Experience unprecedented clarity and discover your soul's unique purpose.
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"Most of us have two lives: the life we live, and the unlived life within us."

- Steven Pressfield 

What's your unlived life?:

If I had it all my way I would...

Feel confident

Be stress + anxiety-free

Find joy and peace within

Have more energy

Sleep soundly

Attract healthy relationships

Say goodbye to my fear of...

Have a fulfilling sex life

Perform at my peak

Release past trauma

Stop smoking

Lose weight 

Focus effortlessly

Find clarity

Find my purpose

Trust my intuition

Be in love with myself