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About Esmée

"When we're self-confident, speak from the heart and have the courage to be vulnerable, we become irresistible to others."

I teach people to powerfully connect with one another in love and business.

As an openhearted Relationship Troubleshooter with Hypnotherapy skills, my personal expedition through relationships and personal reinventions has made me more resilient than ever. If you’re stuck in the struggle, honor it - there is greatness within you, and I’m here to help you discover it.

My mission is to invoke the courage in others to set their spirit free, to live and love joyfully with grace and purpose, so others can follow in their tracks.

This is your life, let's fire it up!



Relationship Troubleshooting


Have you ever met someone who has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes you want to be in their presence? People naturally flock to them because they light up the room when they enter it. What is it about them?

It’s a unique combination of charm and confidence.

Are you thinking “You have to be born with that, don't you?” Think again.

We’re all created with the same genius and consciousness; it’s what you do with it that makes you who you are. You can learn how to charm the room in a way that'll turn you into a Relationship Success Magnet.

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"5 Stars for sure! I hesitated at first but Esmée made me comfortable to take the plunge: concise and comprehensive analysis, targeted coaching aided by impeccable taste, plus tips and tricks all together resulting in subtle yet impactful changes. Getting noticed and feeling more confident are some of the side effects of this no prescription required treatment. Highly recommended!"

Fritz A.
Sr. VP, Marketing

"I wanted to attract two things, my dream girl and to expand my business with more high end clientele. In short, I knew I’d need to look like a 50M CEO. That meant a complete wardrobe, dating strategy and home overhaul. Esmée made it happen so smoothly for me, I never knew I could look and feel this good! Since working with her my business has grown 75% and my dream girl… is sitting right here with me. Thank you for your outstanding work, Esmée. You are a first class experience and got me exactly what I was looking for!"

Ben L.

"I was overwhelmed about resuming dating after a long marriage. I knew I’d need a coach to get my self-esteem back. I didn’t have to worry; from our first meeting, Esmée put me at ease. The entire process boosted my confidence hugely, I would recommend Esmée to anyone without reservation!"

Shawn M.

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